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How ISO 31030:2021 can Improve Travel Safety for Businesses and Individuals

  • Do your workers travel for work? 

  • Do you have a travel risk management plan in place? 

For many organisations, business travel is an essential part of their operations. However, as business travel becomes a common feature of people's jobs, it comes with risks and challenges. Travel can expose organisations and their travellers to significant risks that impact the organisation's legal, compliance and duty of care responsibilities under work health and safety legislation.

Recognising the need for a robust framework to manage these travel risks, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced ISO 31030:2021—a best practice framework offering organisations a structured approach to effectively evaluate and manage business travel risks.

Whether the travel is international or domestic, travellers can be exposed to unfamiliar environments and situations with different risk profiles than those at their usual work location. These can range from events such as health incidents, epidemics, disease outbreaks, natural disasters, road crashes, conflict, crime, cyber threats, terrorism, and political and socially motivated instability, which can threaten the physical and psychological health and safety of travellers and adversely impact the outcome of their travel objectives.

What is ISO 31030:2021?

ISO 31030:2021 is a comprehensive guide developed to assist organisations in implementing a robust travel risk management strategy. It spans various crucial aspects such as policy development, program implementation, threat identification, risk assessment, and prevention/mitigation strategies. It covers various travel risks, ranging from road accidents, health incidents, disease outbreaks, and natural disasters to conflict, crime, and mental health issues.

The Value of ISO 31030:2021

For organisations, ISO 31030 is a benchmark for travel risk policies, helping them fulfil their legal duty of care obligations and ensure traveller safety. It empowers travel managers to identify potential threats and opportunities, thereby taking proactive ownership of travel risks.

ISO 31030:2021 is versatile and applicable to organisations with a travelling workforce, including commercial businesses, charitable entities, governmental agencies, and academic institutions. It is adaptable to a wide range of settings, offering valuable guidance for travel managers and those responsible for traveller safety.

The Benefits of Adopting ISO 31030

By promoting a culture where travel-related risks are managed effectively, ISO 31030 brings numerous benefits:

  1. Enhances Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience: It contributes significantly to the continuity of business operations, even in the face of travel-related challenges.

  2. Boosts Worker Confidence: Employees feel more secure knowing that their health, safety, and security during travel are prioritised.

  3. Facilitates Business in High-Risk Locations: The standard enables organisations to operate safely even in higher-risk locations.

  4. Improves Reputation and Competitiveness: Organisations adopting this standard are considered responsible and credible, positively impacting staff retention and talent acquisition.

  5. Reduces Legal and Financial Risks: Effective travel risk management reduces exposure to legal and financial liabilities.

  6. Increases Productivity: Organisations can expect better productivity from their travelling workforce by ensuring safety.

  7. Supports Sustainable Development Goals: Focusing on the social aspects of sustainability aligns with broader sustainable development objectives.

How Insync Workplace Solutions Can Help You Ensure Safe and Successful Business Travel

Understanding the intricacies of ISO 31030:2021 can be daunting. This is where we can help. Our team has developed an innovative self-audit tool that distils the 48-page ISO document into actionable steps. We also offer expert consulting services to align your organisation's policies with the ISO 31030 framework, enabling you to navigate the complexities of travel risk management and help ensure your organisation and its employees are well-prepared for safe and successful business travel.

If you would like a copy of our FREE ISO 31030 self-audit tool, email the team at

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