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Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Foundations to Human-Centred Change Masterclass

Join us in redefining change management. With Human-Centred Change™️, create a future where change is no longer a challenge but an opportunity to thrive.

Foundations to Human-Centred Change Masterclass
Foundations to Human-Centred Change Masterclass

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Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

About the event

Statistics tell us that approximately  70% of change initiatives still fail to deliver their intended outcomes. This has not changed for many years, yet we continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and when it doesn't work, employees are generally blamed for 'being resistant', failing to acknowledge that more often than not, the initiative fails because the organisation has not considered the human element, the impact of emotions and how central they are to creating the right culture, enhancing the employee experience, and successfully navigating change. In addition, most change programs are not delivered in a way that works with the human brain.

Every change initiative involves people, whether it involves implementing a new IT system, rolling out new policies, procedures, and processes, restructuring a business, or moving offices.

At the heart of sustainable change is understanding and engaging with the human aspect of organisations, and that is where Human-Centred Change™️ comes in.

Human-Centred Change® does what traditional, often impersonal, one-size-fits-all change management frameworks don't do. Human-Centred Change® is designed with the human brain in mind, focusing on engaging people and bringing them along on the journey of change in a human-centred way.

Human-Centred Change® acknowledges that no two brains are the same, so what works for one person may not work for another. Human-Centred Change® understands that everyone is unique and that everyone takes in and processes information differently. Human-Centred Change® understands that everyone has emotions and emotions drive behaviour, and they are not just peripheral to the change process: they are central to creating the right culture, enhancing the employee experiences, and successfully navigating through change.

Human-Centred Change®, like all our programs at the Centre For Human-Centred Leadership®, has its foundations in neuroscience, positive, cognitive and behavioural psychology and adopts a holistic approach to understanding human behaviour and human performance.

Human beings are intelligent, social creatures of habit and routine. We spend our lives creating our habits to help us get through the day. Despite our sense of control and purpose, a significant proportion of our daily behaviour is driven by habit, yet traditional change methodologies don't consider that and how difficult it can be to break old habits.

Human-Centred Change™️ is about more than just managing change; it's about leading change with empathy, compassion, and understanding. It's about creating an environment where change is not just accepted but embraced as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Human-Centred Change® ensures that change initiatives are not only designed to achieve their goals but are also sustainable and positively received. By prioritizing the human experience in change management, we help organizations navigate the complexities of change in a way that respects and leverages their people's power.

What we cover: 

In this 2 day, interactive, inclusive, psychologically safe Masterclass, we cover: 

Day 1: Understanding the Human Element in Change

Session 1: Introduction to Human-Centred Change™️

  • Overview of the failure rates of traditional change initiatives and the need for a more human-centric approach.
  • Introduction to Human-Centred Change™️ principles and its significance in organizational transformation.

Session 2: The Neuroscience of Change

  • Understanding how the human brain processes change and the role of emotions in driving behaviour during change initiatives.
  • Introduction to the Emotional Culture Deck and the impact of emotions on creating the right culture, enhancing employee experiences, and successfully navigating change.

Session 3: Empathy and Compassion in Change Leadership

  • Importance of empathy and compassion in leading successful change initiatives.
  • Strategies for cultivating empathy among leaders and engaging employees on the journey of change.

Session 4: Understanding Individual Differences

  • Recognizing the uniqueness of individuals and the diverse ways people perceive and respond to change.
  • Techniques for tailoring change interventions to meet individual needs and preferences.
Day 2: Applying Human-Centred Principles to Change Management

Session 5: Designing Change Initiatives with the Human Brain in Mind

  • Principles of cognitive and behavioural psychology in designing change interventions.
  • Strategies for effectively communicating change messages and engaging employees in a human-centred way.

Session 6: Breaking Habits and Creating New Behaviors

  • Understanding the psychology of habit formation and the challenges of breaking old habits during change.
  • Practical techniques for facilitating behaviour change and fostering a culture of innovation.

Session 7: Creating a Culture of Change

  • Role of organizational culture in driving successful change initiatives.
  • Strategies for aligning organizational values with change objectives and fostering a change-ready culture.

Session 8: Practical Application and Case Studies

  • Application of Human-Centred Change™️ principles to real-world change management scenarios.
  • Analysis of case studies highlighting successful implementation of human-centric change initiatives.

Session 9: Action Planning and Next Steps

  • Reflection on key learnings from the workshop and development of action plans for implementing Human-Centred Change™️ principles within participants' organizations.
Post Masterclass: Resources and support are provided for ongoing learning and development in change leadership, including: 
  • Comprehensive Human-Centred Change toolkit, 
  • Quarterly webinars to expand your learnings and connect with like-minded human-centred change practitioners. 
  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions to support participants in applying workshop learnings to their own organizations and addressing implementation challenges.


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