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Foster trust, drive stronger employee engagement, innovation, creativity & collaboration to achieve better results for your business.

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Research tells us that organisations that build trust, enable & encourage diversity of thought & provide a psychologically safe & inclusive workplace achieve better outcomes both for their people & their bottom line. 

A workplace where all team members feel comfortable speaking up without fear of rejection or retribution is a workplace where they can grow. It is a psychologically safe workplace where individuals & the organisation thrive. 

On the flip side, a workplace where there is no or little psychological safety not only can be soul-destroying for team members but also poses a significant risk to the business. 

Psychological safety is about having trust in your team & your leaders that you will not be humiliated, embarrassed, rejected or punished for speaking up.  

A psychologically safe workplace begins with trust & a sense of belonging. Think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs —which shows us that as human beings we all require our basic needs to be met before we can reach our full potential. As an organisation, we need to understand that employees need to feel accepted, need to feel like they belong before they can improve their organisations.​


We help individuals & organisations build psychological safety by training managers & leaders on how to foster a culture of psychological safety in their teams & employees on how to foster their own psychological safety.

Professor Amy Edmondson coined the term psychological safety in the 1990s. Psychological safety is at the heart of the human experience and encourages teams to develop a learning culture in the workplace as it provides an environment of rewarded vulnerability. It enables team members, regardless of their position, job title or rank, to feel comfortable expressing their views and opinions, admitting mistakes, giving and receiving feedback/feedforward, suggesting improvements, and raising problems and concerns without fear of embarrassment or punishment, rejection or retribution. 

A psychologically safe workplace enables people to be themselves and thrive.

Our Psychological safety workshops can be delivered as individual workshops, or we can incorporate the content as part of a larger leadership development program or customised learning journey for your leaders.

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Enabling and empowering your team to thrive through psychological safety

Innovation, creativity, collaboration and productivity all thrive in a culture of psychological safety. If team members feel they can be their whole authentic selves at work and feel 'safe' when they speak up or make mistakes they will thrive and perform at their best. 

This psychological safety for managers and leaders workshop provides participants with the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to build high performing, psychologically safe cultures where team members respect, accept, encourage and support each other.

Workshop Duration: 4 hours

Delivery Mode: Virtual or Face to Face


Learn how to foster your own psychological safety

In a psychologically safe workplace, employees feel safe to express their ideas & opinions & not be afraid to make mistakes.

This interactive workshop provides employees with a general understanding of psychological health and safety and their role in creating a psychologically safe workplace. 

n this interactive workshop, participants will learn: 

  • What psychological safety is & why it is important

  • How to identify workplace behaviours & respond to them in a positive, productive way

  • How to give & receive psychologically safe feedback 

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult situations

  • How to engage with others in a collaborative, supportive, respectful way that enables everyone to thrive.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Delivery Mode: Virtual or Face to Face

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Take the first step to building a psychologically safe workplace

The main ingredient of high performing teams and organisations is psychological safety. 

In this interactive, hour of power, we explore what psychological safety is and how to get it.

Duration: 1 hour

Delivery Mode: Virtual or Face to Face


Understand and manage your psychological risks

To effectively manage psychological risks in your workplace, you first need to understand your risks. 

Complete a Free Mental Health Audit and receive a customised report covering compliance and employer of choice considerations. Your report available onscreen and via email includes: 

  • Recommendations based on identified needs

  • Comparison in response to all workplaces and your specific industry

  • Directions to best-practice free/affordable resources to help you address identified needs

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Build a psychologically healthy and safe workplace and promote employee wellbeing

  • Adopt International Best Practice

  • Understand and manage psychological risks

  • Promote employee mental wellbeing and resilience

  • Improve mental health awareness and reduce stigma

  • Increase line manager understanding and competence

  • Make wellbeing accessible with the mobile app

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