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Human-Centred Coaching®

Welcome to a new era of Coaching with Insync Workplace Solutions & the Centre for Human-Centred Leadership! 

We believe in the power of potential - yours, your team's and your organisation's. Our human-centred coaching program is designed to unlock this potential through a holistic approach that considers every aspect of your being. By focusing on the 'whole' person, we pave the way for profound and sustainable success in leadership and career development.

Unlocking Potential with Human-Centred Coaching®

At the core of every thriving organisation, regardless of its size or industry, is its people – the heartbeat that fuels innovation, collaboration, and success; however, all too often, the bustling dynamics of today's workplace and the relentless chase for numbers and efficiency often overshadow the most critical component of success: the human element.


Imagine a workplace where every individual is seen not just as a cog in the machine but as a vibrant, multifaceted human being. This is the essence of Human-Centred Coaching®.

In the fast-paced and demanding business world, the key to sustainable high performance lies not just in processes and strategies but in recognising and nurturing the human element at the heart of every organisation. Human-Centred Coaching® is a pioneering approach that redefines professional development by placing people at its core.

At Insync Workplace Solutions and the Centre for Human-Centred Leadership, we understand that true excellence in the workplace is a blend of physical well-being, mental agility, emotional intelligence, and professional skills. "The Human-Centred Coach" is not about abstract concepts or life coaching; it's a practical, evidence-based methodology tailored to the modern professional environment.


Developed by Deanne Boules, Founder and Chief Enabling Officer and author of "The Human-Centred Coach, Empowering Leaders, Inspiring Change' due to be released in 2024, this approach integrates the latest in neuroscience, positive, cognitive and behavioural psychology with research from complementary fields of sports science, diet and nutrition, naturopathy and kinesiology just to name a few to bring you a game-changing, human-centred approach to unlocking high performance.


Human-centred coaching® goes beyond traditional coaching models, which often focus narrowly on technical skills and outcomes. Human-Centred Coaching® offers a more holistic approach that considers the full spectrum of an individual's professional and personal dimensions because we know that an individual's performance is influenced by various factors – from their psychological state, physical health and well-being to their interpersonal relationships. Human-Centred Coaching® empowers individuals to achieve their professional goals and navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with resilience and adaptability. 

What Sets Human-Centred Coaching® Apart

There are a lot of fantastic coaching programs and methodologies available today, and our coaches are well-versed in many of them. Through our extensive training, diverse coaching experiences, and deep research in positive, cognitive and behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and other fields essential to human performance, including sports science, diet and nutrition, and mindfulness, we recognised a critical gap in the market: the lack of a genuinely holistic approach to coaching that considers the 'whole' person and integrates mental and physical well-being with professional development because we know that for anyone to be able to perform at their best, you can't simply focus on one element of human behaviour you need to consider all aspects that influence and interact to build a solid foundation to enable us to thrive. 

Our Human-Centred Coaching® is meticulously crafted to fill this gap. It offers a unique approach to leadership, executive, and career coaching, integrating these advanced insights with practical coaching tools and real-world applications. This comprehensive method ensures that every aspect of the individual—mental, physical, and professional—is developed to achieve their fullest potential.

Empowerment through Understanding

Our coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that understanding the 'whole' human is crucial. We recognise that peak professional performance is only achievable when individuals are supported holistically. This approach goes beyond skill enhancement, nurturing the well-being that underpins these skills and fostering a deeper sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

Builds Trust & Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is the foundation of effective teamwork and open communication. Our Human-Centred Coaching® prioritizes creating safe, inclusive spaces where all team members, peers, colleagues, and clients can feel comfortable sharing ideas, voice concerns, and show vulnerability. This nurturing environment fosters trust, encourages innovation, and enhances collaboration, making it essential for transformative coaching experiences.

Focus on Sustainable Development

Without psychological safety, team members, peers, colleagues or clients may not feel comfortable sharing ideas, voicing concerns, or even being open and vulnerable in coaching conversations, Human-centred coaching® creates psychologically safe spaces where individuals feel safe and valued, building trust and promoting innovation and collaboration. 

Inclusivity at its Core

Our Human-Centred Coaching® programs are designed to be inclusive, embracing diversity in all forms and accommodating the various learning styles and personal needs of all individuals.  By recognising and embracing diverse cognitive experiences and individual backgrounds, our coaching and coach training programs ensure that every participant can fully engage and benefit. We use tools and techniques that are adaptable and accessible, promoting an environment where all participants feel supported and valued. This commitment to inclusivity not only enriches the learning experience but also mirrors the diverse realities of the workplace and society.

Tailored Coaching for Transformative Results

Each participant's journey is distinct and deeply personal. Our coaching is meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs, covering the full spectrum of leadership and career development. Whether you're an emerging leader or a seasoned executive, we guide you through every stage of your career and personal development, ensuring that your growth remains aligned with your evolving professional path.

Integration of Cutting-Edge Science

Himan-Centred Coaching® integrates the latest research from neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioural psychology to inform our coaching practices. This scientific backing ensures that our methods are not only innovative but also effective, enhancing personal insight and driving meaningful change.

Comprehensive Support System

Participants receive ongoing support through a structured yet flexible framework that includes one-on-one sessions, group workshops, and digital resources. This comprehensive support system ensures continuity and consistency in learning, making the transition into daily practice seamless and effective.

Community & Network Building

Beyond individual coaching, our program fosters a community of like-minded professionals. Participants have the opportunity to network with peers, share experiences, and learn from each other, enhancing the learning experience and building a valuable professional network.

To find out more about our Human-Centred Coaching programs for yourself or your organisation, reach out to our team for a confidential discussion about your needs.

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Interested in becoming a Human-Centred Coach? 

Are you a coach or aspiring coach looking to expand your expertise and impact? Dive into our Human-Centred Coaching® certification programs and bring our transformative coaching practices to your organisation or coaching business.

Introduction to Human-Centred Coaching:


This introductory program offers coaches, leaders, and practitioners an overview of our human-centred coaching® methodology, enabling them to enhance their coaching conversations and get a taste of our holistic approach. However, note that completion of this introductory course does not certify you to promote yourself as a Certified Human-Centred Coach.

Human-Centred Coaching® Practitioner Certification Program:


For those wanting to offer our Human-Centred Coaching program in your organisation or coaching practice, Our Pathway to Human-Centred Coaching Practitioner Certification is what you need. It’s not just another coaching certification; it’s a holistic, science-based methodology that sets you apart in the coaching field. This program is unique in that not only does it equip you with all the tools and techniques to effectively coach for high performance. It also helps you build your coaching confidence and your coaching practice with modules dedicated to presentation, facilitation, marketing and business development.   

Additionally, we offer an internal coach pathway tailored for coaches working within organisations. Choose your path—whether it’s enhancing your skills with our introductory course or achieving full certification through our practitioner program. Both paths offer you the competencies needed to excel as a world-class executive, business, leadership, or career coach.

Embrace the transformation and lead the way in the coaching profession. Whether you aim to elevate your current practice or carve out a new path as an internal or Master Coach, our programs are your gateway to becoming a high-demand, high-performance coach. Stand out in the global coaching landscape with Insync Solutions.

Human Centred Coaching Pathway
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