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Fri, 02 Aug


Weekly masterclasses conducted via Zoom

Foundations to Human-Centred Leadership July AM Cohort

At the core of every business are its people; when people thrive, business thrives and when business thrives, people thrive. Join us as we explore the Foundations of Human-Centred Leadership and elevate your leadership capability

Foundations to Human-Centred Leadership July AM Cohort
Foundations to Human-Centred Leadership July AM Cohort

Time & Location

02 Aug 2024, 11:30 am AEST

Weekly masterclasses conducted via Zoom

About the event

This program runs over 8 weeks with weekly masterclasses conducted via Zoom.  In addition, content will be uploaded into our online learning portal which you will have access to for 3 months.

Have you thought about what it takes to become a truly transformative leader in the world that we now live in?

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, including the way we work.

  • Remote/hybrid work arrangements,
  • The increasing focus on mental health and psychological safety.
  • Employees seeking more flexibility and better work-life balance want to work with organisations and leaders who understand that flexibility means different things to different people.
  • Employees want to work for organisations and leaders who are purpose-driven and values-led.
  • Employees want to work in an inclusive, physically and psychologically safe environment. An environment where diversity in all forms, including diversity of thought, is embraced. An environment where everyone can be their authentic selves at work, feel valued, have a sense of purpose and belonging, thrive, and go home safe, well, and fulfilled each day.

This is a human-centred workplace. This is the future of work. Are you prepared for the future of Leadership?

Get ahead and set yourself up for leadership success in 2024 and beyond. Join us on a transformative journey to authentic, human-centred leadership®️.

In this program, you will step out of your comfort zone, challenge your thinking and the status quo, and embrace a new era of Leadership and we will be with you every step of the way, guiding and empowering you with the knowledge and tools to become a more authentic, influential, human-centred leader.

What is Human-Centred Leadership®?

Human-Centred Leadership is more than a concept or framework; it’s a transformative, values-based, authentic, and adaptive leadership style that is re-humanising workplace across the globe. building trust, improving communication, fostering genuine connections, reducing conflict, increasing resilience, boosting morale, making teams stronger and more adaptive, reducing turnover, amplifying productivity, and setting new standards for success.

In its simplest form, Human-Centred Leadership® is about putting the people you lead first, prioritising their needs, and acknowledging their strengths. It is about being curious, not judgemental, and leading with purpose, authenticity, and empathy. It’s about putting people before profit and compassion before outcomes and building high-performing, inclusive, physically and psychologically safe workplaces where diversity in all forms, including diversity of thought is embraced. Where everyone can be their authentic selves to work, feel valued, have a sense of purpose and belonging, thrive, and go home safe, well, and fulfilled each day.

"Human-centred leadership is not measured by individual accomplishments but the lives you inspire, the individuals you empower, and the environment you nurture. It’s about championing a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and authenticity, ensuring everyone feels seen, heard, supported, and valued" Deanne Boules, Founder and Chief Enabling Officer, Insync Workplace Solutions and the Centre for Human-Centred Leadership.

What will you Gain?

Enhanced Leadership Skills:This program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel as a leader in the modern world. Discover how to lead through self-awareness and curiosity. Build trust, foster authentic connections, and elevate your conversations and influence.

Understanding of Human Behaviour:Gain insights into how the human brain works and how to use this knowledge to improve your Leadership and engage with your people.

Whole Person Approach:Just like professional athletes understand that to be at their best, they need to focus on their 'whole' person, not just honing their technical skills, human-centred leadership®️ does the same because we know that for people to perform at their best, they need to be mentally and physically well and they need to understand how, for example, things like gut health and dehydration impact their cognitive abilities.

Inclusivity: Today's workforces are more diverse than ever; with multiple generational, diverse cultural backgrounds; neurodiverse employees; diversity of thought, etc. which can be challenging for leaders to navigate. Adopting a human-centred approach to Leadership equips you with the knowledge and tools to help you identify and understand every individual's unique strength and create an environment that aligns with their values and supports their aspirations. It is a shift from traditional Leadership and what the future of work demands.

Build Empathy:Empathy is the foundation of effective Leadership in an era where genuine connections matter more than ever. Leaders who understand and relate to their team members on a human level create stronger bonds and foster a positive, more inclusive, psychologically safe work environment. Throughout the challenge, you will learn how to connect with your team on a more human level, fostering trust and collaboration.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence: Emotions are part of being human, and as leaders, we can no longer expect people to 'leave their emotions at the door' when they come to work. Building your emotional intelligence is critical to leading with authenticity, compassion, and impact and is a skill that distinguishes extraordinary leaders. During our challenge, you will learn how to connect with your team on a deeper level, understand their needs, and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

Curiosity as a Superpower:Curiosity has become the hallmark of great leaders. Curious leaders inspire creativity, adaptability, and resilience in their teams. Throughout this challenge, you will develop the ability to ask the right questions in the right way, drive innovation, and confidently adapt to change.

What's included:

8 x 60-minute Virtual Masterclass: Expertly led weekly masterclasses conducted via Zoom: Interact directly with our experts, dive deeper into the content, and get answers to your burning questions.

Online Learning Portal: Access course material including recordings from weekly masterclasses and supporting material for 3 months.

Exclusive Community:Exclusive access to our inclusive, supportive community of like-minded people to connect, set commitments, share learnings, and grow together.

What We Cover

Throughout this program, we cover:

🧠Psychological Safety: Learn how to build a psychologically safe space is critical for high-performing, inclusive teams.

🧠 Leading with Purpose and Finding Your Why: In this session, we explore the evolutions of the various leadership styles and explore how human-centred leadership enables and empowers you to find your why and lead with purpose.

🧠 Embracing Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Our workplaces are more diverse than ever before with more women, multiple generations, cultural diversity, LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity, and diversity of thought all of which make our workplaces incredibly rich, and with that comes a range of differences in communication, leadership, decision-making and the way we give (and receive) feedback/feedforward. In this session we explore the different needs of our diverse workforces, including cultural sensitivities and exploring concepts like how; "some cultures struggle with silence, while our Japanese colleagues for example are okay with quiet moments, meaning we may tend to speak more in meetings. (Holly Ransom and Erin Meyer), or how neurodivergent people and certain cultures may feel comfortable with direct eye contact.

🧠 Building Human-Centred Intelligence™: Most organisations and leaders don't pay enough attention to how employees are or should be feeling and they underestimate how central emotions are to building the right culture and employee experience. Positive feelings influence satisfaction, connection, motivation, and engagement. They are associated with productivity, performance, and quality whereas negative feelings usually lead to negative outcomes, poor performance, and high turnovers. Behavioural science tells us that emotion drives our behaviour so when you understand how your people feel, you can understand and influence their behaviour. In this module, we explore the concept of Emotional Intelligence through the lens of the Emotional Culture Deck. The world's #1 tool for building better team and workplace cultures, nudging vulnerability, building empathy, creating connections, and fostering trust all by stimulating face-to-face conversations about what really matters in the workplace.

🧠 Building an inclusive learning culture: Learning Styles and the impact of the forgetting curve - we all learn differently, and we all forget what we learn unless it is delivered in a way that works for us and is reinforced. This program is delivered in a way that supports the various learning styles and helps minimise the impact of the forgetting curve and teaches you how you can support a continuous learning culture and support the learning needs of those around you.

🧠 The Psychology & Neuroscience of Leadership: Gain an insight into how the human brain works, including its operating principles. Learn how to minimise the impact of the brain's natural default state (threat state) and improve employee motivation and engagement.

🧠Understanding Bias:There are over 180 known biases, and we all have some. Some biases are conscious (we know we have them) others are unconscious. We can never eliminate biases, but we can manage them. In this program, you will gain an insight into common biases and how they can impact the workplace. You will also learn how to identify your biases and put strategies in place to mitigate them

🧠 Curiosity as a Superpower:'Be Curious, Not Judgemental' is this famous quote by Walt Whitman which if you are a Ted Lasso fan you may have heard Ted talk about in the famous darts scene. Is a key pillar of Human-Centred Leadership. You will learn how to harness the power of curiosity, develop a growth mindset, and improve the way you engage with people around you.

🧠 The Art & Science of Human-Centred Conversations & Communication: Did you know that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark? (Stanford University). Think about the last 10 conversations you had. What would be the impact if 9 of them did not achieve the intended outcome or communicate the correct message? We will delve into the world of Conversation Intelligence (CIQ) and how you can improve your conversations and communication by adopting a human-centred approach. "Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of the relationships, which depends on the quality of the conversations. Everything happens through conversations" (Judith.E. Glasser)

🧠 The Gift of Effective Feedforward: The ability to give and receive future-focused feedforward is key to building high-performing teams. Building on our human-centred conversations module, we explore the gift of giving and receiving future focussed feedback.

🧠 A holistic approach to leadership: Taking lessons from the fields of sports science, diet, nutrition, naturopathy, and other complementary fields we explore the impact of holistic health and wellbeing on our behaviour and performance. For example, did you know that just 2% of dehydration impacts memory and cognitive abilities, and what we eat impacts our moods and behaviour?

Who is this training for?

This training is for everyone, regardless of where you are in your leadership journey. Whether you're a seasoned leader with years of leadership experience, a new leader, an aspiring leader eager to step into a leadership role, or simply anyone who wants to improve their leadership capability, this challenge is tailor-made for you.

Your investment:- Unlocking Leadership Excellence: A Priceless Journey Awaits!

We understand that in leadership development, the cost of quality training can often stand in the way of growth and transformation. This is why we have made a conscious effort to price this program the way we have, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

For just $299 + GST (AUD), you can embark on a journey that promises to redefine your Leadership and make a profound difference in your life and career.

The price does not reflect the quality of this program!

Whilst we have made the conscious decision to price this program, so it is accessible to as many people as possible, we have not compromised on quality. In designing this program, our values and our mission were at the forefront of every part of this process and every decision we made.

Those who know us know we are driven by a deep commitment to educate, enable, and empower individuals and organisations worldwide to build high-performing, inclusive, human-centred workplaces. Where diversity in all its forms, including diversity of thought, is embraced, everyone can bring their authentic selves to their work, feel valued, have a sense of purpose and belonging, thrive, and go home safe, well, and fulfilled each day.

Because of that, we believe the opportunity to build your leadership capability should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial constraints. By offering this program at an affordable price, we're making a conscious choice to support your growth and the growth of countless others who share our dream for a brighter workplace future.

The ROI of Your Investment:

This program is an investment in yourself and your future. The return on investment (ROI) of this challenge is immeasurable. It's an investment in your personal and professional growth that will make a lasting impact on your leadership journey regardless of where you are currently at.

To secure your spot in this transformative program and be part of a movement, sign up today and take advantage of this opportunity to redefine your Leadership and help us shape a world where every individual thrives, every team excels, and every workplace feels like home.

Grab a Copy of Our Leading with Purpose Introduction to Human-Centred Leading Ebook


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