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Personalised Expert HR & WHS Support for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Without the financial burden of permanent resources or expensive lock-in contracts.


Welcome to Insync Connect - Your Personalised HR, WHS & Training Toolkit Enabling & Empowering Your People & Your Business To Thrive.

At Insync Workplace Solutions, we understand the challenges small to medium-sized businesses face in managing workplace health and safety (WHS) and human resources (HR). That's why we developed Insync Connect, a versatile 'toolkit' designed to empower your business through streamlined processes, compliant practices and support when you need it.

What is Insync Connect?

Insync Connect is an integrated suite of tools, resources, and support packages tailored to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) effectively manage their People-related responsibilities, such as WHS/OHS, HR, Training & Development, etc., and elevate their employee experience.


With Insync Connect, you can access expertly crafted templates, up-to-date policy documentation, interactive training modules, and a proactive support system designed to enhance your workplace safety and culture.

Key Features:

  • Ensure Compliance: Ensure your business meets all legal and regulatory requirements with our meticulously designed compliance checklists and policy templates.

  • Effortless Implementation: Simplify complex processes with user-friendly tools that can be easily integrated into your daily operations.

  • Expert Guidance: Leverage the extensive knowledge of our WHS and HR experts, who are just a call or email away to support you with tailored advice.

  • Dynamic Resources: From onboarding new employees to ongoing safety & compliance training, monthly lunch n learns, personal & professional development opportunities, our dynamic resources adapt to your business's evolving needs.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Avoid the hefty costs associated with non-compliance and inefficiencies. Insync Connect is an investment in your business's future, safeguarding against potential risks, fostering a supportive work environment & enabling you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Who Benefits from Insync Connect?

  • Business Owners and Managers: Gain peace of mind and more time to focus on core business activities with simplified and effective WHS and HR management.

  • HR Departments: Enhance your HR strategies with tools that streamline employee management, from recruitment to retirement.

  • Safety Officers: Access state-of-the-art resources to promote and maintain a safe working environment for all employees.


Get Started with Insync Connect: Embrace a proactive approach to workplace safety and human resources. Contact us today to learn how Insync Connect can make your WHS and HR tasks manageable and compliant. Let's work together to build a safer, more supportive workplace culture.

Tailored to your Business & Industry Best Practice

Our team of consultants are experts in their field and have worked across all industries. We also understand the challenges of running a business, which is why we developed Insync Connect: a practical, human-centred toolkit and support packages that ensure your WHS & HR systems and processes are compliant, fit-for-purpose, and tailored to your needs and industry best practices while enhancing the employee experience. 

Insync Connect Packages

Our packages are 100% transparent with no 'hidden' costs and have been tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. For large companies (200+ people), contact the team at Insync to discuss your specific needs.

Policies, Procedures, and training programs have been developed by our expert WHS and HR professionals. You simply tailor them to meet your specific needs (or we can do that for you). 

Access to our online training portal provides a selection of professional development and compliance courses for your employees. 

Monthy lunch n learn seminars cover key topics of interest and are open to you and your employees.

If you have any questions, click on the 'Contact us' button below, send us an email and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.

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What's Included

Each package includes over $30,000 worth of value.

(Note: The difference in price between packages reflects the types of documents you require based on the size of your business and additional advice/guidance/support you may require due to having more employees and 'seats' in our online learning platform). 

Onboarding Call

Onboarding call & strategy session (via Zoom or Teams) with one of our expert consultants to understand your business, pain points & growth strategies etc.

(Value: $1,000)

WHS & HR Policy & Procedure Templates

A suite of HR & WHS Policies, Procedures, Templates, Checklist & other tools to meet your needs identified in our onboarding call (We can even brand them for you, so they are not only compliant but look professional too). You also receive updated policies & procedures if there are any legislative changes 

(Value: $10,000+)

Monthly Lunch & Learn Seminars

Monthly lunch & learn seminars on key topics of interest.

(Value: $500)

Virtual Networking Events

Virtual networking events throughout the year to enable you to connect with other business owners / managers.

(Value: Priceless)

Monthly 'Live'Q & A sessions

Our monthly 'live' (zoom) Q & A sessions enable you to ask us questions about anything HR, Safety, Leadership, Workers Comp/Injury Management or Workplace Training related. 

(Value: $3,000)

Customised Action Plan

A customised 'employee experience' action plan for the next 12 months to keep you on track & ensure your energy is focused in the right areas to ensure WHS & HR Compliance & elevate the employee experience for your people.

(Value: $500)

Online learning Platform

Access to our online learning platform for your people offering a range of compliance, personal & professional development programs & microlearning sessions. 

(Value: $5,000+)

Email & Phone Support

Our team of experts are only a phone call or email away to answer your questions. (Fair use policy applies)

(Value: Priceless)

Monthly Newsletter & Email Alerts

Monthly newsletter full of helpful tips, resources, insights & technical updates. In addition, we will email you directly if there is an urgent update that you need to know about.

(Value: $2,500+) 

24/7 Emergency Hotline

Our emergency response help line is available 24/7, 365 days of the year.  

Dedicated Business Partner

During your onboarding, we match you with a dedicated WHS/HR Consultant who will be your central point of contact & go to person ensuring a personalised experience for you.

(Value: Priceless) 

Quarterly Masterclasses

Quarterly People Related Masterclasses (i.e. leadership development, difficult conversations, managing performance, etc. to help you build internal capability & grow your business.

(Value: $4,000)

Exclusive (inclusive) Slack Group

Exclusive (inclusive) slack group to connect with other business owners/managers, ask questions, share challenges / learnings / wins. 

(Value: Priceless)

Blue Book Directory

Access to our 'Blue' Book directly of industry contacts & partner discounts. 

(Value: Priceless)

Insync Commect Community

When you join Insync Connect, you become part of the Insync Community. A psycholgoically safe space for you to connect with likeminded people, learn from our subject matter experts & each other & grow personally & professionally.

(Value: Priceless)

Quarterly Check-in's

Quarterly zoom or teams meeting check-in's with your dedicated WHS/HR consultant to ensure you remain on track.

(Value: $3,000)

Employee Handbook & Recruitment & Onboarding Pack Templates

Our comprehensive fully customisable employee handbook & recruitment & onboarding template to ensure your people receive all the information they need to successfully onboard into your business.

(Value: $1,500)

Member Discounts

Discounts on our other products & services including (but not limited to): Consulting, Auditing, Coaching, Investigation Services, Mediation Services, Training Programs, Recruitment Serivces, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Employee Assistance Programs, Health & Wellbeing Program, Workers Compensation, Injury Management & Return to Work services etc. 

Human-Centred Leadership Course

Access to our signature Introduction to Human-Centred Leadership Course for yourself & your teams. 

(Value: $298.00 per person)

Example of what is included in your package

During your onboarding call, we will determine exactly what you need and tailor your package specifically to meet your needs. However, to give you an idea of what is included, here are a few of the common tools and resources included in your Insync Connect Package. 

Need Extra Support?

Our pre-purchased hours packs are a great addition to your Insync Connect subscription. 

If you can't find what you are looking for or are unsure of what you need, reach out to the team at  or give us a call at 1300 607 420

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Why Insync Connect

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