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At Insync Workplace Solutions, we are a leading values & results-driven Organisational & People performance practice working with Individuals & organisations across the globe to unlock their full potential & give them a competitive edge.

Since 2012, our team of expert consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches & auditors have been helping individuals & Organisations of all sizes to develop, implement and embed practical, sustainable, fit for purpose strategies & solutions.

Our areas of expertise are in: 

  • Human Resources

  • Work Health & Safety

  • Leadership Development

  • Organisational Culture 

  • Organisation Design & Transformation

  • Employee engagement 

  • Workplace Health & Wellbeing

  • Change Management

  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Learning & Development

  • Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Workers Compensation & Injury Management

  • Outplacement Services

  • Business Development

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Taking care of your most valuable asset - your people

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 The #1 Game for better Workplace Culture

Insync Workplace Solutions is excited to bring The Emotional Culture Deck to our clients.  

Most organisations underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership.

At Insync Workplace Solutions, we are often asked to examine processes, norms, and ‘the way we do things around here’ with a critical eye.

The emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. But organisations (and leaders) often don’t talk about emotion.

Do emotions really matter in the workplace?.......Absolutely yet most organisations underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership and how central emotions are to building the right culture and employee experience .

Positive feelings influence satisfaction, connection, motivation and engagement. They are associated with productivity, performance , safety and quality.

Negative feelings usually lead to negative outcomes, poor performance, increased safety incidents & high turnover.

Neuroscience tells us that emotion drives our behaviour, so when you understand and influence how your people feel, you can understand and influence their behaviour.

The Emotional Culture Deck is a uniquely powerful way to create human conversations about what really matters in the workplace. The game facilitates face-to-face human conversations about what matters including culture and leadership. It nudges vulnerability. Builds empathy. Creates connections, fosters trust within teams and will help you drive bottom-up change in your workplace.

It's the ultimate card game toolkit for more successful teams and workplaces and is simple enough to get up and running in minutes, yet powerful and flexible enough to drive lasting Organisational change.

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